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Newborn Baby Girl Session

She is perfect.

Her feather soft hair made it feel like I was touching a cloud. Her tiny little hands and her cute baby wrinkles were just some of the small details that I never want to forget to capture during my newborn sessions. All the way down to her little newborn toes she was just perfect.

Can I also just say how much I love her name! Everly. :) Isn't that a beautiful name? She couldn't have been any sweeter! She didn't want to sleep for me too much but we still captured her sweet newborn babyness. Asleep or awake, there's just something about newborns that melt my heart! She was so content just to lay there while all swaddled up. I can still see her new little eyes staring at me as I was snapping photos of her. I could have held her all day long :)

I kept it nice and warm for her the entire time and made sure there was a soothing background noise for her so we could get these sweet baby photos for her parents and grandparents to treasure forever! Thank you so much, Everly, for gracing me with your heart-melting presence as I captured these timeless moments for your family!

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