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U of I Arboretum Engagement Session

I can't lie and say I never get nervous before a session especially if I've never met the couple before! There's always a little bit of nerves that get in my way at the very beginning. Let me just tell you, Gaby has the most inviting smile and heart-warming laugh and Colin was so chill the whole time. They very quickly made feel right at ease with capturing their love for each other!

We couldn't have picked a better place, day, or time to do their session! The Arboretum/Japan House in Urbana, IL has the most beautiful scenery! I love that it is such a big place. There are so many spots to choose from when capturing these special moments. The weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky. There was just enough wind that Gaby looked like a runway model most of the time!

They are seriously such a sweet couple and have such a cute story! It's only taken them 7 years to get pictures done together but we won't hold that against them ;) The best part is they got engaged in the parking lot of where they met! How sweet is that?! I couldn't be more happy for them that they have decided to spend the rest of their lives' together! Here's to a happily ever after to Gaby and Colin! :)

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